What is Shilajit?


Gold Grade and Never-Heated. Our Shilajit resin super-food is harvested from 16,000+ ft in the Himalayan Mountains. 55% Natural Fulvic Acid.

Shilajit is the KEY to your health...

We sell only GOLD GRADE (the TOP rating) shilajit which is sourced, selected, purified and dried in the Himalayas.

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a mineral deposit that is pressed out from layers of rock in sacred Himalayan Mountains. It is made up of humus and decomposed plant remains. When these components get pressed between layers of rocks for millions of years, they are converted into a black tar like substance. Shilajit contains
loads of vitamins, minerals, and humic acid and fulvic acid, which are key components to a good cleanse since they may remove heavy metals from the body.


100% Pure Shilajit sourced above 16,000 ft from Himalaya Mountains